It’s probably starting to sound redundant, but the white trout fishing around the Pensacola Bay Bridge continues to be the steadiest action in Pensacola Bay. Just use your bottom machine to locate the fish and use cut bait or fresh shrimp for bait.
Anglers have been finding a decent amount of nice size speckled trout in the local bayous, but you’ve got to be very patient. Artificial lures and live bait can both work well, but if you’re using lures you’ll want to really slow down the retrieve.
A few sheepshead are beginning to show up so you might want to get some live shrimp or fiddler crabs and give your best sheepshead hole a try.

The amberjack fishing has been unreal so now’s the time to go if you can find a day with decent weather. It doesn’t look very promising for this weekend, but you never know what the weather is going to do this time of year.

Piers & Beaches
White trout and redfish have been the word from those fishing on the Pensacola Bay Fishing Bridge. It sounds like the bite has been better at night, but I would focus on going when the tide is moving more than anything else.
Of course, no one is catching a limit, but there have been a few pompano caught with the warm weather this past week. As usual you just want to find a good hole or washout and fish with fresh shrimp or sand fleas.

According to a few reports the striped, hybrid, and largemouth bass fishing has been pretty slow on the local rivers, but as you know it can change from one day to the next with the weather this time of year.
For those interested in going after the striped and hybrid bass it always helps to have good live bait and you want to fish cold early mornings when possible.