Speckled trout and redfish reports have varied from one person to another, but it seems like with a little effort you can find some fish. The specks can still be found in the bayous and canals, while the best spot to look for redfish is around bridges and other structure.
It sounds like the white trout fishing around the Pensacola Bay Bridge has been a little more hit and miss lately, but you should still be able to go out there and find plenty for dinner.
Quite a few sheepshead are being caught and we should really see it get good in the next couple of weeks. As usual just fish around structure using live shrimp or fiddler crabs.

Amberjack continue to be an easy find for anglers, but if you’re looking for keepers you’ll drastically increase your odds of finding them by getting a little further offshore in federal waters.
If you can catch some good weather now’s an excellent time to go tuna fishing out around the rigs. A lot of nice size fish are being caught and most people have been chunking for them, but be sure to bring along some vertical jigs and poppers.

Piers & Beaches
Pompano are a great option for anyone looking for action from land right now. You want to look for them off the beaches in the surf using fresh shrimp or sand fleas.
Anglers fishing on the Pensacola Bay Fishing Bridge and Bob Sikes Bridge can expect to find a mixed bag of species this time of year including white trout, black drum, sheepshead, and redfish.
We’re getting into the time of year where the fishing can get good on the Pensacola Beach Gulf Fishing Pier and Navarre Beach Fishing Pier, but the water has been a bit dirty lately.

According to a few different reports it sounds like the fishing has been pretty good on Escambia and other nearby rivers. Anglers have been catching largemouth bass, hybrids, bluegill, and shell crackers.