Quite a few Spanish mackerel have started showing up along the beaches out in the Gulf. If you want to give it a try just get some Gotcha Lures, speck rigs, or spoons and troll down the beach.
Sheepshead have become tough to find, but if you really want to catch a couple for dinner you might still be able to get them around Pensacola Pass.
Like I said last week now’s a good time to just get some live shrimp and fish around structure in Pensacola Bay. Mangrove snapper, flounder, and redfish are all likely catches right now around bridges, rock piles, and deep docks.

Well it looked like we were going to have a decent cobia season, but the past week has been slow for most anglers. A good percentage of the fish caught have been nice ones so at least that’s good.
If you’re going bottom fishing remember that red snapper, gag grouper, and triggerfish are closed in state and federal, while amberjack is only closed in federal waters. Fortunately, the vermillion snapper and scamp fishing has been pretty good lately.

Piers & Beaches
Now’s the prime time to hit the beach for pompano and whiting. Just look for a good hole or washout and fish with fresh shrimp or live sand fleas. Sand fleas have been a tough find on the beach, but there’s a good chance that you can rake enough to fish with.
Cobia, king mackerel, and pompano are all being caught on the Pensacola Beach Gulf Fishing Pier and Navarre Beach Fishing Pier. The cobia and pompano are typically caught using jigs, while dead cigar minnows work well for the kind mackerel.

Crappie and bass have been the word from anglers fishing the rivers, but it doesn’t sound like the rain we got last week has done anyone any favors. You’ll want to use live bait for the crappie, while artificial lures allow you to cover more ground when bass fishing.