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Pensacola Speckled Trout Club

Phone: (850) 261-9464


Dedicated to Speckled Trout Fishing and fellowship. 10 Tournaments per year. Meetings 3rd Tuesday of each month.

General Information
There are eleven club meetings held at 7:00 PM in the Miraflores Park clubhouse located at the corner of 17th avenue and Belmont in Pensacola, Florida. Meetings are scheduled for the third Tuesday of the month, with no meeting being held in December. A meal is provided by a member for each meeting with the menus covering a wide array of culinary delights.

We believe that Speckled Trout fishing isn’t just fishing for trout. We believe that it is fishing for sport – where the true enjoyment lies in the challenge, the lore and the wits – not necessarily to fill the fish cooler. We believe that it is the feeling of satisfaction that comes from one’s limiting their kill – instead of killing their limit. We believe that it is in communing with nature where the chief reward is a refreshed body and a contented soul – where a person is permitted to use (not abuse) – to enjoy (not destroy) – our estuarine fishery. We believe that it is subscribing to the proposition that “what is good for the Speckled Trout is good for the fisherman” and that managing trout for there sake, rather than for the fisherman, is fundamental to the solution of our local Speckled Trout problems. And finally we believe that it is appreciating our fishery resource, respecting fellow anglers, and giving serious thought to tomorrow that will perpetuate our fishery for generations to come.